Key & Lock Repairs


Key & Lock Repairs

At Light Locksmith, we realize how important it is to keep your locks and keys in good working condition to ensure your property’s security. Our key and lock repair services are intended to handle any difficulties that may arise quickly and effectively, restoring the functioning and safety of your locks.

Service to the entire Virginia area

  • Key repairs
  • Lock repairs
  • Key extraction
  • Key duplication
  • Lock rekeying

Quick Fixes for Lock & Key Issues:

Whether you have a broken key, a malfunctioning lock, or another problem, our skilled technicians have the knowledge and resources to complete the job correctly the first time because we work quickly to repair problems with the least disturbance to your day.


Can you set new locks on the entry doors?

Yes, we install new locks after removing old or broken ones. We will also assist you in setting up your security locks once you have moved into your new home. If you’re not sure which locks to consider, you may ask us for advice.

Do you provide maintenance services for keys and locks to avoid future problems?

Yes, we provide preventative maintenance services to maintain your keys and locks in good working order and avoid future problems. Our professionals can advise you on maintenance plans and techniques to extend the life of your locks.

How can I know whether my key or lock needs repair?

Signs that your key or lock may need repair include difficulties turning the key, unexpected noises or resistance while working the lock, and apparent damage such as bent keys or loose grips. If you detect any of these indicators, you should have a professional locksmith evaluate your key or lock.

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