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How it Works

In Virginia, the well-known, locally owned and run business Light Locksmith offers cutting-edge home locksmith services. We work to prevent you from inconvenience by providing assistance in unpleasant locksmith crises and designing the most reliable security systems for your home and workplace.
Our pricing structure is reasonable enough to fit your budget. Light Locksmith has always given its clients dependable and quick locksmith services.

Service to the entire Virginia area

  • Customer service and detail oriented
  • Professional service – no corners cutting
  • Residential, commercial and automotive service
  • Mobile company – provide service at your location

Explanation of locks re-key process:

You’ll need to buy a rekey kit unique to your doorknob, lever, or deadbolt if you decide to rekey a lock on your own.
Rekey kits let you change a lock’s key to match the set’s existing keys. You will get multiple identically cut keys (often three to six). The kit includes a set of numbered or color-coded pins to indicate their locations in the plug.
The new pins line up with the new keys. Most of the time, the lock’s other components remain unchanged. The package normally comes with a few basic tools. Light Locksmiths frequently do the straightforward process of rekeying locks, which takes only 30 minutes to complete.


Do locks get damaged upon force-opening?
We use specialized tools to open the locks of vehicles and doors. It usually doesn’t damage your locks as we do it carefully. But there are rare cases where we need to drill the lock, which may cause some damage to your locks..
Can you install new locks on the entry doors?
Yes, we install new locks by removing old or damaged locks. If you move into your new house, we also help you set up your security locks. If you don’t know which locks you should consider; you can come to us for recommendations.
Can you locksmith work on all locks?
Our company has a team of experts. Each locksmith has knowledge of a vast number of locks and how to tackle such situations. We know how to operate advanced and ensure that there’s no damage to your locks and doors.
What if a person gets locked out of the car?
We know its quite frustrating for you to get locked out of your car when you have to go somewhere. But we have a solution for that too. You may reach out and we will bring a universal key to get you going.

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